Imagine if airplanes were not invented. You would still be traveling by land or by sea. Rescue teams would only have boats and trucks. For a replica collector, a generation without airplanes would be unimaginable. These giant machines have been used for rescue, transportation, leisure, and war. Know more about these models which have been forgotten by the world, the models that only a collector would know.


Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22 is a four-seat aircraft equipped with airframe ballistic parachute. It became famous because of its mind-blowing features. Pilots can have the total confidence that the controls will execute their need for action. But as more models were released in the world of aircraft, Cirrus SR22 was starting to decline in terms of fame. Cirrus SR22 is a good looking plane, you may shop online or find used replicas for a cheaper price.

Lockheed C-130Lockheed

Judging by the looks of this model, you’ll know that this is a classic military aircraft. Lockheed C-130 has reliable four-engine turbo pop. They are designed to keep the airplane stable despite strong winds. This plane has been serving many nations for more than 5 decades. Many collectors have been looking for replicas of this aircraft model everywhere. The search was over when one collector happened to find a specialty shop during a Hong Kong sightseeing trip. The shop ran out of stocks eventually.

Blériot XI

This plane tells a lot story about how planes used to look like. Blériot XI has a simple design with the basic controls similar to the Wright Brothers’ prototype. This model is known to an elite class of people. Pilots claimed that you are not a true pilot if you haven’t fly Blériot XI.

Wright Flyer

Blériot XI was inspired from Wright Flyer. Wright Flyer is the first aircraft ever defeated gravity. It symbolizes that nothing is impossible. Every avid collector we know has Wright Flyer in their collection. This is a classic piece so buying brand new will be much expensive. Check out collectors’ forums to see if someone is selling this model and get special discounts.